Fully Automated Brain Shimming


The shim software was developed to be used on a variety of platforms including human and preclinical systems with differing shim hardware configurations.  It can support users at experience levels ranging from routine to expert. For technologist driven applications, completely automated whole brain operation converts a raw data set (unreconstructed B0 Map) to a set of shim values for upload from a single tab. Similarly, slab and voxel-based shimming is supported with the only additional step being a GUI driven slab/voxel position and size selection. For more advanced users, complete control of the automation parameters is available through the advanced operation tabs allowing customization of ROI selection, choice of B0 map calculation method and shimming algorithms. The example provided is from a study on a tumor patient acquired on a Siemens 7T system using an RRI VHOS-18 with 1st-4th order shims.