Welcome to Resonance Research!

Resonance Research, Inc. enables challenging and demanding MR applications for neuro-imaging and spectroscopy at ultra high fields. Ultra high resolution shim inserts, real-time shimming, multichannel shim amplifiers, human whole body, and animal gradient inserts and shimming for whole body scanners for preclinical imaging, and non-linear gradients for advanced imaging are representative examples of our expertise.
Our product line consists of complete and fully integrated and supported solutions, compatible with all major commercial MR scanners, and suitable for advanced research and pre-clinical platforms. Separate stand-alone components are also available. At this time all products and applications are strictly for pre-clinical research purposes.

Resonance Research is an ISO 13485:2012 Compliant Company!

Past Certificate: ISO 13485 Certificate TUV SUD America

NEW! Introducing NeuroShim Pro V2 – NSP2: A complete B0 shimming software package

Press: Customer Achievements: Scientists make brain imaging 64 million times sharper