Field Mapping Systems


(The photos above are examples of RRI’s mapping systems.  Other configurations are available.  Please contact us for details)

The FMU-1200-MRI is a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, proton NMR based complete mapping, analysis and automatic optimization of the magnetic field in MRI magnets.

The FMU-1200-MRI systems provide a wide range of sophisticated functions and operating advantages over all existing mapping systems, such as:

  • Large operating frequency range from 5 MHz to 1.4 GHz
  • The single probe head with variable operating frequency provides flexibility, reduces the relative cost of the system and saves time and labor spent on change of probes and calibration
  • The NMR sample provides high resoluion, sensitivity and operational stability. Axial gradients from Z0 to Z10 and radial gradients from X / Y to C8 / S8 cam be easily mapped.
  • Suitable for mapping of very high fields (please see themapping report of a 7T whole body magnet.
  • Automatic resonance detection
  • Fully automated determination of field center, accomplished through difference maps of the Z or ZX gradient
  • Simple procedure for magnet homogeneity evaluation with no direct operator involvement
  • Easy and fast installation is completed in a few minutes by using the magnet flange mounting or the optional patient bed mounting. Data is acquired in a single pass and processed in about 30 minutes.
  • Self-contained robotic data acquisition, analysis and data storage package can be operated from any standard PC
  • Modular probe radius extensions allow mapping at radii from 62.5 to 250 mm
  • Self-contained design and sturdy construction suitable for factory and field operations

Please click the links below for presentations describing our horizontal and vertical mapping systems:

Horizontal Mapper

Vertical Mapper