Resonance Research, Inc. specializes in advanced technologies for management of magnetic fields in MRI and NMR applications. Our business is to design, build and support advanced, integrated solutions in magnetics for high-end clinical and analytical applications.

Resonance Research has a track of success in introducing break-through technologies that modify the industry standards.

RRI was started in 1987 with the goal of developing, manufacturing, and marketing proprietary nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instruments for pharmaceutical, clinical, and analytical laboratory systems.

The Company was successful in developing high performance instrumentation which has been accepted by top manufacturers for OEM distribution. The Company has obtained several U.S. patents and developed proprietary methods critical for applications of MR across a broad range of industrial and research uses.

In 1995 Resonance Research launched a number of advanced performance products for MRI applications with equally successful results.

RRI's R&D team has developed a unique expertise in magnetics for MR applications and aims to bring high performance products to medical, pharmaceutical and research organizations.
An ISO 13485:2012 Certified Company!
Revolutionizing Accessories for the Magnetic Resonance Industry Since 1987!
Company Specialties
Very High Order Shimming (VHOS)
Linear and Non Linear Gradients
Dynamic Shimming (DSU)
Animal Gradients
Whole Body Gradients
Shim Power Supplies
RF Coils and Amplifiers
Real Time Shimming
Field Mapping Systems
Certifications and Compliance
ISO 13485:2012 Certified
UL 60601-1: 3rd Edition
ISO 14971:2007 Risk Management Compiance